Experience with Ninety Miles at the Monterey Jazz Festival / by Zaccai Curtis

Love performing with 90 miles! Had a great time hitting with them this past winter at Monterey Jazz Festival withNicholas Payton – Trumpet, Henry Cole – Drums, Mauricio Herrera – Congas, Bata, Ricky Gonzalez – Bass andDavid Sanchez – Tenor. Usually Stefon Harris(vibes) performs with the group but he was witnessing the birth of the new edition to his family! The music was slamming and it was awesome to play one of NP’s tune actually with him.

I remember Clint Eastwood being there, watching Jack Dejonette perform right before us. I wanted to take a picture with him but he seemed like he just wanted a picture with Jack then he took off. These super stars really know how to let you know they don’t want to be bothered with their body language.

Anyway check out the killer CD, Nintey Miles (Christian Scott on trumpet instead of N.P.)

Video of my self with Ninety Miles at the Atlanta Jazz Festival

Photo Credit to Tom Ehrlich