I just had an amazing time in Thailand performing with the Donald Harrison Quartet “Quantum Leap Band.” The people were great and the food was amazing. The hospitality was off the charts. I want to give a shout out to the students over there because they are really doing their Jazz homework. Jazz is America’s Classical Music and for these young people, literally across the world in the opposite time zone, to take on such a musical dedication is an honor. I want to give a speacial shout out to Ten, Kaew, and Ant for taking care of us the whole time. They were exceptional and very professional. The sound engineers for the concert were absolutly amazing. To all the musicians in the competition, congratulations… we didn’t have enough time to write what we wanted to you in the notes(they would know what I mean) but I wanted to thank you for carrying the Jazz torch and you all were amazing.

I appreciate your response to the show and supporting our music… we were so energized by you all! Can’t wait till the next time we come out there. Keep in touch with us and let us know if you come to the states. – Peace

Thanks for the pictures too!

Also a special shout out to Tae, the builder of the “Miraculous Tank Drum” which sounds AMAZING! pick one up if you can, you won’t be disappointed. I’ll be working on my skills with the drum for the next few months before I put up a video….