Im looking forward to my performance with CBQ on Tuesday at the Time Warner Center, (6pm) for those that want to come through, but I am still healing from a hand injury that I aquired from playing on pianos with no monitors… I’ve heard of pianist that don’t play unless they have a monitor and I’m about to sign up to that group! It’s partly my fault because I have been pushing my limits with a strengthening exercise. Those are usually great to do but I didn’t realize that maybe I shouldn’t do it right before my hit…. for a few hours on a piano where I can’t hear myself… Lol… Unfortunately I wasn’t aware enough to not try and compensate and for those that don’t know about this, when you play, your pain sensitivities are lowered greatly. After you play, the pain sets in and damn… The next morning was no joke! My hand is about painless now but I have a couple more days off before my hit and I’m looking forward to getting back on the piano!