I Will No Longer Post Directly To Facebook / by Zaccai Curtis

Why would you keep posting to a site that uses your content to gain a monopoly over yourself and your family? It's a form of self enslavement. And looking at the way the majority of people act in this country(or lack of action) it seems that you really like enslavement…lol.

Why would you create a cyber personality that only exists in the minds of the people that see it? ...because you know it does not exist. A depressed person posting happy thoughts or an emotionally confused person posting political thoughts or a coward posting threatening thoughts does not make make you who you want to be. It kind of exposes your need for attention and lack of affection while young… I think… lol… I don't know but can I tell you one thing for sure… Facebook knows the reasons you post the way they do...

Why do you crave approval of other cyber personalities? You need your fix of endorphins that are released when satisfied by the "approval" of those… who do not exist…

Why support an engine that does not give back? Instead they perform social experiments on you, submit your information to secret government agencies so they can add you to a no fly list with more then a million terrorists on it :/ …i mean… a million? (…does anyone else think this is stupid? oh yeah… i'll never know because when I post that question to Facebook the algorithms make sure no one sees it.) An engine that sell your information to the highest corporate bidder, censors what they interpret as offensive (because we are all their children…), create algorithms that limit your ability to reach many people so that you will buy "ad space." 

Instead I will be posting to my own blog site and then posting that page to Facebook. 

I suggest you do the same and stop posting personal pictures like your kids and shit on there(or anywhere). If something happens to you where do you think the news goes to get all your personal info and pictures to post up everywhere? …yeah Facebook…. I don't have a choice in much of my pictures because they are taken all the time when I perform etc… but for you that don't have a public life… just keep your info to yourself. Nobody really cares anyway, they just want you to "like" their fake cyber life so they are proactive in "liking" yours…lol! It's true… Yeah… don't take it too personally if I like your post… I pretty much like everything…. 

AND FINALLY…. Stop taking Facebook so serious… It's not… It started as a place to "blog" and network and became this place where the majority tries to keep each other in the same line of thought. Now you think you know who doesn't think in the same direction as the fake cyber world that is governed by an algorithm to slant your view of the world….whew!!! The fact is… you really don't know shit. Even if you know a person personally…. you don't know shit. You can't read inside the mind of anyone, your kids, fathers, mothers… you don't know everything they've done in their lives, their true motivations and you don't know their intentions.

Not  even mine even though I gave you a bunch of dumb reasons for me not posting directly to Facebook anymore…. (evil smily face)